Mushroom Brown Hair Is Trending Here's Why

Mushroom Brown Hair Is Trending Here's Why

Minimalism and earthy tones have dominated interior decor trends for quite some time, and now those shades have finally made their way into hair color trends. Mushroom brown hair, in particular, has taken over our feeds—and we're here to gush. The taupe-like shade of brown, which leans more cool than warm, has become popular to pair with worn-in blonde highlights. It lends an icy infusion of dimension to darker base colors and provides a natural-looking base color for blondes and brunettes alike.

Celebrity colorist Aura Friedman describes the trending shade as having a multitude of personalities, from a mushroom-y gray to a blend between mauve-ish pinks and taupe-toned browns. Once the hair has been lightened to a certain level, Friedman notes skin tone and eye color are the deciding factors that influence which color route to go down for each client.

Aura Friedman is a New York City-based colorist with more than 20 years of experience. Her work has been seen in major runway shows, magazine editorials, and on celebrity clients including Lady Gaga.
Natalie Rotger is a colorist at the Jenna Perry Hair Studio in New York City's East Village.
"For my natural brunettes, it can be a way to spice up your usual highlight appointment by simply playing around with earthy tones a bit more as opposed to rich warmer hues," explains colorist Natalie Rotger. But she says blondes can play with the color too: "If you're a blonde looking to try something different without going full brunette, mushroom brown can be really fun to do while staying a bit on the lighter end of the spectrum."

CHOOSING A SHADE: Skin tone and eye color will help you and your colorist decide which undertones of mushroom brown to pair with your natural coloring.

MAINTENANCE LEVEL: High. "This color can be pretty high maintenance if you're hyper-focused on it being super ashy at all times," says Rotger. "It's a tone that easily comes out of the hair after a couple of weeks with a gloss."

GOES GREAT WITH: Earthy or bronzy makeup colors; balayage

SIMILAR SHADES: Gray, taupe, mauve

PRICE: Your average cost for transformative color is going to start at around $300. At-home touch-ups will range from $5 to $30. Using a color depositing shampoo/conditioner at home on pre-lightened hair can make this a more affordable, temporary, and lower maintenance look.

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