How to Get Liquid Gold Skin The Glow-Boosting Complexion Trick For Brown Skin

How to Get Liquid Gold Skin The Glow-Boosting Complexion Trick For Brown Skin

If you're tapped into the beauty community, you know glass skin has been a buzzy trend for some time. The hydrating K-beauty skin technique has influenced how some of our favorite MUAs and estheticians approach skin and inspired countless products. Achieving radiant, reflective skin is possible no matter your skin tone, but a new trend has emerged specifically for Brown skin: liquid gold skin.

The glow-boosting complexion trick involves using dewy moisturizers and products with ingredients known to make Brown skin shine. Ahead, Ayurvedic and Pacific beauty strategy consultant and founder of Love, Indus Surbhee Grover, makeup artist Shruthi Rampalli, and board-certified dermatologist and medical advisor for docent Dr. Farhaad Riyaz share their tips on how to get liquid gold skin.

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Surbhee Grover is an Ayurvedic and Pacific beauty strategy consultant and founder of Love, Indus.
Shruthi Rampalli is a Dallas-based makeup artist.
Dr. Farhaad Riyaz is a board-certified dermatologist and medical advisor for docent.
Why Is It Called Liquid Gold Skin?
"When I think of Brown skin, I think of melted honey, liquified sunshine, or liquid gold because we have tones of yellow, brown, and red," Grover says. "Glass [skin] also connotes pristine perfection, which can be a bit of a myth to chase."

There seems to be a lack of representation within the glass skin trend, causing many brown-skinned people to feel like the look isn't suited for them. "If you think about the glass skin look and research the hashtag, you would probably see lighter skin tones," Rampalli adds. "It starts with terminology and awareness. If I had to describe the shine of Brown skin, it would be a melted gold look. It feels more alluring and attainable."

How Can Liquid Gold Skin be Achieved?
Instead of an eight-step routine, our experts have something more sustainable in mind. "You've got to have beauty hacks instead of a bunch of steps," Grover says. "Often, we're told we need 45 minutes to an hour to create a glass skin look for Brown skin, which I don't think is realistic. Liquid gold skin breaks down into a couple of things. The skin has to be smooth and firm. It has to be even."

Skin preparation goes a long way in creating liquid gold skin. "Exfoliation is key," Shruthi says. "Great makeup application comes down to flawless skin, not meaning there is no texture or pores. It's about removing dead skin so moisture will hug the skin better."

Removing facial hair is another major component that isn't always discussed within skin trends. "For those who choose to remove their peach fuzz, sometimes mechanical processes like threading or waxing can cause skin irritation," Grover explains. "Our Velvet :08 Broadway Bright Detox Mask ($58) has transformative Thanaka wood. The bark of the Thanaka tree has powerful properties that purify and tighten your skin."

If you don't desire to remove any hair, it can be helpful to incorporate other methods to cleanse your skin. "You can alternatively incorporate a treatment like a chemical peel to slough away dead skin," Shruthi says.

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